Potting Palooza

Happy Monday everyone! Now that our soil has warmed up from outside, it’s time to fire up the potting machine and get all the pots ready to be planted!

Hands in SoilPotting hundreds of plants each day can get pretty dirty. From mixing the soil together to moving the full pots around, no article of clothing or skin is safe from a little dirt at the end of the day. Needless to say we aren’t wearing our Sunday best this week!

Sometimes it can be easy to take things like soil for granted. Think about how many hands have had to touch every piece of soil that ends up in your house plants or gardens! Unless you till your own land, your potted plants can contain natural ingredients from at least 3 different states at once, and have been handled by 5-10 workers, including those at your local greenhouse, before it ends up on your porch! Every flower and vegetable needs a good source of nutrients in their soil to become the beautiful and nutritious results we enjoy every year — it brings new meaning to the phrase ‘it takes a village’!

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