The Seeds are Poppin’ Like It’s Hot

We have sprouts! After a few weeks of soaking up constant 25698mist and lots of heat, our seeds decided to make their first appearance! They are still pretty delicate at this stage, so we will keep them contained in the mini-greenhouse until they take a good amount of roots.

Some seeds still have some time to go, but they are on their way. Many of the small squares you see in the photo have soil that is popping up from when it was originally planted, letting us know the stems and leaves are trying to push their way to the top. Once they do this, the leaves can soak up even more water and sunlight during this critical growing period.

We chose a wide range of seeds to plant so far, so each variety will take their own amount of time to pop up. So far, our Morning Glory trays and Zinna are leading the pack.
download (14)There is something to be said for the euphoric feeling of seeing something that was once so small begin to grow into itself! Between our large variety of seeds and plants currently blossoming in the greenhouse and our residential 8 month old Charlotte, we get this feeling a lot!

We will keep you posted as more seeds start to spout and establish their roots, and we can get them ready for you to take home this Spring and Summer!

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