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Meet the Vendors: Twin Terrapins Photography

Ledgeview Greenhouses is lucky to consign many products from local NH businesses! While our mums are filling out and the poinsettias soak up the greenhouse sun, we thought we would take some time to introduce you to our awesome vendors and showcase the work that we fell in love with this Spring!

Quality photographers have a true gift and talent, and our second vendor in this campaign is Twin Terrapins Photography, owned and operated by Angela Andrews.

Angela is a local who lives very close to the greenhouse. Her and her friendly and outgoing twin daughters are friends of Ledgeview and love to come and help out!

In stock we carry some large prints of Angela’s work, as well as a selection of cards to accompany greenhouse and floral gifts. Please give us a call if you are interested in purchasing any of the items, or you can visit her website at

Some of the cards we lave in stock:


Larger Prints in stock:

Perrenial & Petunia Central!

Do you want to plant flowers this year that will come back again next year, no muss no fuss?

Do you want to plant your beautiful window boxes, planters, and garden beds with a colorful arrangement of our magnificent petunias or decorate your porch with any of our beautiful hanging baskets?

If you said yes to either of these questions, you need to get to Ledgeview Greenhouses ASAP! We have a HUGE selection of both our perennial crop and petunia selection for you to choose from. It would be worth the trip just to come and enjoy the vibrant colors of the petunia house. Then head over the large greenhouse and look up to find rows and rows of petunia hanging baskets in all solid and mixed colors.


Petunia Pricing:

4 Packs = $3.25

4″ Pots = $4.99

6″ Pots = $12.00

Hanging Baskets = $27.00

We planted a large variety of new perennials this year and our crop that was over-wintered is greening beautifully and starting to flower! These plants are designed to have a dormant season and come back every Spring!

Perennial Pricing:

1 Quart Liatrus = $8.00

1 Gallon Pot = $14.00

2 Gallon Pot = $19.50


Hanging Baskets for Every Taste!


Is that a blue sky we see out there? FINALLY!

Ledgeview Greenhouses is ready for this week of beautiful weather and we hope you are too. But remember, the nicer it is, the more you and your guests are going to want to enjoy life on the porch or deck. Add some color to that view with our huge selection of hanging baskets!

Hanging baskets are the perfect addition to any home this time of year. They have all kinds of colors that pop next to the beautiful blue sky, and they are easy to move indoors when the forecast predicts a colder night. We have hanging baskets with popular plants like million bells, petunias, geraniums, and lots of mixed varieties. You will be sure to find the perfect color scheme and look for your home here at Ledgeview!

Visit us today and pick out your perfect hanging baskets!

Retail Hours: 

Monday – Wednesday: 9 AM – 5 PM
Thursday – Saturday: 9 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: 10 AM – 3 PM

275 Clough Hill Road, Loudon, NH 03307


Bark Mulch Available for Purchase!

Ledgeview Greenhouses has their Spring stock of bark mulches for purchase, we offer pick-up or delivery!


Our mulches are all natural with no dyes!

Premium Dark – $39 per yard

Hemlock (Red) – $39 per yard

Delivery fee varies by drop off location.

Call the greenhouse to place your order, we’re ready for you! (603) 783-4669

Ledgeview opens to the public this Friday April 22nd, we can’t wait to see you all soon!

From the Greenhouse to the Classroom

Carolyn took a break from watering and trimming the very full greenhouse today to spend her morning at Career Day at Loudon Elementary School.


She presented to groups of kids grades K-5 and talked about how the greenhouse operates, how we water all of our plants, and did a demonstration of how to plant plugs in a pot. She brought along various sizes of plants from the greenhouse, including a large patio pot, smaller annuals, and a vegetable 4 pack. She was able to show the kids how many different things you can create all starting from tiny plugs or seeds.

Loudon Elementary was nice enough to provide her with her own space for the series of presentations and also a catered lunch. Some other career day visitors were the Loudon Police and Miles Smith Farm, and many others. Career Day provides the kids with real life examples of the options they have for jobs when they grow up, let’s hope we had some future horticulturists to inspire today!

We’re getting closer to opening day, make sure to mark your calendars for Friday April 22nd, we’ll be ready for you!


Living the High Life

Things are moving on up here at Ledgeview Greenhouses as we get closer to opening day on April 22nd! Many of our 10″ and 12″ hanging baskets have started to fill out and taken their place on one of our rotating tracks in the upper part of the greenhouse.Hangers hung up

Each plant is hand trimmed by one of our employees, then attached to it’s 3-stem plastic hanger, and individually lifted onto the track. Once they are on the track, we can use our built in watering system that hits each plant on both the top and bottom levels of the track with just enough water as the track continues to rotate. We have 8 rows that will be filled up by the time we open!

In a larger scale greenhouse like this one we benefit from this hanging basket system for a lot of reasons: having multiple rows with multiple levels helps us utilize the space we have to the fullest and leaves tables open for smaller pots below, we can ensure all baskets are getting the correct amount of water and fertilizer with each water that we do so they continue to grow big and beautiful, and when our customers come to pick out their baskets in a few weeks, they will get to see them hanging above with the large variety of colors so that they can choose exactly the ones they want!

Where are the flowers, you ask? We get this question a lot this time of year when we share photos. The truth is that we pick off almost every single flower in our greenhouse that bud up until right before we open. This is a sad job to do, but beautiful flowers take up a lot of plant energy, so we pick them off so the plants focus more on establishing a good root system before we let those beautiful colors take over. Have no fear, they always come back even more full and beautiful ready to go home with our customers!

Ready to go!



Look at those beautiful roots!

Starting from Scratch

Love is in there air this week as Valentine’s Day approaches, which feels like the perfect time to establish some new life in the greenhouse! This week while we are planting pots, we are also prepping part of the greenhouse Seedsspecifically for seed growth. In this batch from Monday morning we sowed Morning Glory, Echinacea, a few sunflower varieties, and some other surprises!

These seed trays will go inside in one of our ‘greenhouses within the greenhouse’ called a Growing House. Inside this house, they will get a little extra love which includes the optimal amount of heat and moisture to sprout! Once they are a good size we can take them out of the growing house to get some air and establish their roots. Once they have the roots they need to continue to grow, we will transplant them to large pots for you and yours to bring home!

This is only one batch out of many other seeds we will be planting here at Ledgeview Greenhouses, we will be posting progress photos as these little babies and thousands of others come into their own so you can see how far they have come!

If you still need flowers for your valentine this Sunday, be sure to contact Flowers by Carolyn at Ledgeview Greenhouses to place your order! We offer pickup and delivery to surrounding towns. Call us today at 603.783.4669


Potting Palooza

Happy Monday everyone! Now that our soil has warmed up from outside, it’s time to fire up the potting machine and get all the pots ready to be planted!

Hands in SoilPotting hundreds of plants each day can get pretty dirty. From mixing the soil together to moving the full pots around, no article of clothing or skin is safe from a little dirt at the end of the day. Needless to say we aren’t wearing our Sunday best this week!

Sometimes it can be easy to take things like soil for granted. Think about how many hands have had to touch every piece of soil that ends up in your house plants or gardens! Unless you till your own land, your potted plants can contain natural ingredients from at least 3 different states at once, and have been handled by 5-10 workers, including those at your local greenhouse, before it ends up on your porch! Every flower and vegetable needs a good source of nutrients in their soil to become the beautiful and nutritious results we enjoy every year — it brings new meaning to the phrase ‘it takes a village’!

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