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From the Greenhouse to the Classroom

Carolyn took a break from watering and trimming the very full greenhouse today to spend her morning at Career Day at Loudon Elementary School.


She presented to groups of kids grades K-5 and talked about how the greenhouse operates, how we water all of our plants, and did a demonstration of how to plant plugs in a pot. She brought along various sizes of plants from the greenhouse, including a large patio pot, smaller annuals, and a vegetable 4 pack. She was able to show the kids how many different things you can create all starting from tiny plugs or seeds.

Loudon Elementary was nice enough to provide her with her own space for the series of presentations and also a catered lunch. Some other career day visitors were the Loudon Police and Miles Smith Farm, and many others. Career Day provides the kids with real life examples of the options they have for jobs when they grow up, let’s hope we had some future horticulturists to inspire today!

We’re getting closer to opening day, make sure to mark your calendars for Friday April 22nd, we’ll be ready for you!


Chicken Soup for the Soil!

IMG_0965Under today’s blue sky and warm sun, Ledgeview Greenhouses is starting to feel like an oasis from the chilly NH wind! We don’t really feed our soil chicken soup — but we do need to bring it in from outside to warm up for the Spring planting season to get underway!

In the past few weeks we have been cleaning up all parts of the greenhouse and thawing out the soil we will need for the season. Cleaning between seasons plays a huge role in keeping our plants safe and able to grow to their full potential each season. It also keeps the greenhouse in tip top shape so we can move, water, and get to all the plants easily throughout their growth. It can be a lot of hard work, but it is well worth it!


The View from the Ledge

Ledgeview Greenhouses in Loudon New Hampshire is gearing up for their 2016 season! We are weeks away from the first delivery and 2 months away from opening to the public.

Check back here for all the info you need on this year’s updates on plants, retail items, lots of photos, and even some savings opportunities this year!


We are only a few weeks away from a full greenhouse for 2016!

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