Wholesale Information

We offer a variety of wholesale items including annuals, perennials, mums (fall), and poinsettias (winter) to various local businesses including greenhouses, landscaping companies, and other local vendors.

If you are a landscaping company or fellow greenhouse interested in discounted retail pricing and would like to be placed on our email list for updated information on our availability, please SIGN UP HERE or email us at ledgeviewgreenhouses@gmail.com


We work directly with J.M. Carr Landscaping based out of Canterbury and owned by Ledgeview co-owner Johnny Carr. If you are interested in landscaping services with plants provided by Ledgeview Greenhouses, please contact one of the following:

Ledgeview Greenhouses: 603.783.4669

Johnny Carr, J.M. Carr Landscaping: 603.234.6955



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